Access Control

Access Control Automation supply and install card reader and keypad access control systems to open entry points on your premises. We can also supply and install audio or video communication systems to enable visitors (i.e. non card holders) to communicate from the barrier to a manned control point.

Key Switches.

These are suitable for simple systems with a low number of users.
A key with a specific cut is used to gain access.  All users need to be issued with a key. Advantage low cost.  Disadvantage is it’s inflexibility.

Digital Keypads

These solve the inflexibility problems associated with key switches but will be more expensive. Most keypads can store many codes so adding and deleting codes when circumstances change can be carried out with minimal inconvenience.  Keypads can have several outputs enabling control of up to three doors or gates from the one keypad.  Latched or pulsed outputs are also possible allowing normal opening functions plus ‘hold-open’ functions.

Token Reader Systems

These are suitable for simple low security systems and the authorized personnel are issued with a fixed code plastic token which is inserted into a fixed code reader.
Advantage low cost, minimal management time, tokens are durable but has low flexibility.

Magnetic Stripe Swipe Card Reader Systems

Increased security as each credit card sized card has unique code enabling cards to be easily added or deleted from the system with minimal inconvenience to others.  Can be stand-alone systems or PC controlled.  PC controlled versions have the added advantage of being able to add/delete cards from the PC position and also enables the monitoring of the card usage throughout the site in question.  Various access levels/time zones are possible determining who goes where and at what times.  Cards are inexpensive, card life finite and the artwork design can be customized.

Touch Card Readers

Cards are similar size to the swipe cards above but are touched onto the reader rather than swiped. The removes the risk of water ingress/corrosion to the read head. Programming the system is very simple and can be learned in a minute using the ‘plain language’ programming card set.

Proximity Readers

The reader token/fob is uniquely programmed and all the advantages of the swipe card system are possible with the added advantage that the fobs tend to be very long lasting although considerably more expensive.  As the name implies the fob only needs to be waved in the proximity of the reader.  The range of which is typically 4 cms although ranges up to 6m or more are possible enabling the system to be operated from a car installed fob for example.

Entry Phone Systems

Systems for communicating from an entry point to a control point within the secure area.  Two way speech communication enables the purpose of the calling visitor to be ascertained and pressing the button on the receiver will enable the visitor to enter through the gate/door/turnstile as appropriate.  Video (monochrome or colour) can be added to the system enabling the operator within the secure area to view head and shoulders of the caller or a larger area depending where the camera is positioned

Access Control Automation can provide the appropriate advice & guidance to help our clients to make the right choice to suit their particular circumstances