Internet security.
We can configure your internet connection to the highest level of security so you need not worry about unauthorised access. Furthermore we offer remote access and event management via a remote secure web server. More sophisticated cameras PTZ (pan,tilt,zoom) can also be fully controlled remotely via a broadband internet connection.

Event notification to your mobile phone via SMS
You can have motion detection warnings routed to your mobile phone and receive text and images directly to your handset in an instant. If your mobile phone has an internet connection you can view the images that were recorded when the event happened.

Need to upgrade?
Access Control Automation Limited can upgrade your existing ‘analogue’ cctv systems to utilise this new technology at a fraction of the cost of having to replace cameras.


CCTV is not only an effective means of monitoring [and recording] but also the mere presence of the camera is a great deterrent.

The advances in technology & a lowering of the cost now make the use of CCTV an economic & attractive option for many residential, commercial & industrial users.

With the widespread popularity of broadband internet connection it has never been easier for you to connect directly with your remote CCTV cameras.

CCTV Over The Internet

Imagine being able to control your cctv system from anywhere in the world?
The latest technology in CCTV are what’s called IP cameras. IP cameras or network cameras can be linked directly into your existing computer network or broadband router.